TSMV is not a done deal

by | Jun 5, 2022 | TSMV

Your concerns about the latest housing development proposed inside the South Canmore Wildlife Habitat Patch and outside our Urban Growth Boundary (a.k.a. 800 Canmore) made a difference.

Council asked for several amendments from the landowners and administration before they`ll vote on it on July 5. It could be defeated at that time, or moved to 3rd and final reading. Stay tuned.

As for TSMV, don’t believe everything you’re reading or hearing these days. In contrast to what was suggested in the Rocky Mountain Outlook, the LRPT’s ruling to overturn Council’s rejection of the proposals (and all your concerns about them) is far from a done deal. 

A very similar decision by the LRPT’s predecessor (the Municipal Government Board) that involved the same ownership group was successfully challenged by the Town back in 1997. The court agreed the Town had a case which led to an out-of-court settlement. The Town’s case now could be as strong as it was then, if not stronger.

You can read more about the Town’s case in the attached letter that was printed in this week’s RMO by Steve de Keijzer.

Town Council will be voting on their legal options and whether they should appeal on June 7th.

Send them a quick note now to say you support upholding our community values with such an appeal.

Have a great day!