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Join us in advocating for responsible development in the Bow Valley.

The Bow Valley is at the frontlines of the global biodiversity and affordability crises. This is the most developed landscape in the world where grizzly bears still exist, and is also one of the most expensive places for people to live in. We no longer have the space or time for superfluous developments.


Say No to 800 Canmore

This is the third time that development has been proposed for these lands after twice being rejected. There are several paramount concerns, including building on the South Canmore Habitat Patch and the need to extend Canmore’s Urban Growth Boundary.

A public hearing is scheduled for May 24, 2022 at 9am and we need your support.

Personal Presentation: Contact the municipal clerk at municipal.clerk@canmore.ca to register to speak at the hearing. You must register by noon Friday May 20, 2022 by email or by calling 403-678-1550.

Written Submission: Below is sample written submission for the Public Hearing, which must be submitted by this Friday (May 20) to municipal.clerk@canmore.ca. Personal letters are better and are weighed more heavily by Town Council, so please feel free to adapt this letter (especially at the beginning) to your own needs. Also, please note that your letter will be registered as a submission to the Public Hearing and, as such, your letter will be made available to the public. 

Dear Mayor and Councilors,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the above proposed bylaws.

I am not in support of the 800 Canmore proposal. The community benefits of what is likely to be a private 6-bed hospice are far outweighed by the costs of the entire development to the South Canmore Habitat Patch. According to your own biological consultant (MSES), the cumulative effects of this proposed development on our stressed network of habitat patches and wildlife corridors is concerning.

I also urge you to consider that the hospice is only a small part (10%) of the overall proposal. Most of it (90%) is about moving our Urban Growth Boundary to accommodate 6 large estate homes in the South Canmore Wildlife Patch. This is not what a community in an affordable housing crisis, a climate emergency, and an already stressed wildlife coexistence needs.

I am also concerned that accommodating such a development will weaken our stance in the ongoing legal attacks from TSMV. Wasn’t their Smith Creek proposal rejected for much the same reason (outside our Urban Growth Boundary)? The Palliative Care Society of the Bow Valley’s efforts to bring a hospice to our community are laudable, but 800 Canmore is clearly the wrong partner in the wrong location.

The 800 Canmore proposal doesn’t meet the MDP test of “community benefit” that’s required for us to move our Urban Growth Boundary. Doing so would be incongruent with the larger values our MDP is meant to protect, and the environmental leadership you confirmed as a Council during your recent strategic plan.


[Insert your name here]

Three Sisters Mountain Village

The Three Sisters Mountain Village (TSMV) is a company that owns 80% of the remaining developable land in Canmore. In other words, they have the potential to forever change the fabric of our community, depending on the the types of developments they propose.