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We advocate for affordable housing, environmental protection, and responsible development in Canmore and the Bow Valley

Why we engage...

Patty Noyes

I engage because this wildlife corridor and this stunningly beautiful environment we inhabit needs us to care for it and protect it, for now and for future generations. I have graciously lived in Canmore for 25 years.

Jen Stelfox

I engage because I am passionate about preserving connected habitat for wildlife, and making decisions that protect and improve the quality of life of Canmore’s citizens

Patrick McCloskey

I engage because I want to preserve the remaining wildlife corridors in our valley, and because I feel that any additional housing in this valley should be perpetually affordable to accommodate those at the lower end of the income scale who work here in local businesses, not large second homes for weekend getaways.

Lynne and Robert Reed

We are engaged because our valley is a natural delight for all, including the wildlife. Massive development of any kind is completely unsuitable for the Canmore we know and love. Any residential development near the Three Sisters Creek will be dangerous because of undermining.


I engage because I'm concerned that the new developments proposed for Canmore are lacking in innovation, foresight and sustainability.


I engage because the loveliest and bravest people I know live in the Bow Valley. Anyone who makes a choice to live here commits effort and time to stay here. Proposals that compromise the wildlife corridors disrespects the the core values of those who have chosen to raise families and live in Canmore.


I engage with the hope for a broader vision other than our economic wealth. A vision that includes a future for all living things within our watershed even if that means that we have to step back a little.

Dan Roycroft

I engage because empty homes are like mausoleums. Canmore is my home because of the amazing people that actually live here.


I engage because I care deeply about the future of our planet, as well as the future of my beloved valley. It’s my strongest held belief that humans and animals will only thrive and survive with preserved wild spaces. It’s for all of our futures, and for quality of life.

Heather Walter

Canmore’s essence is a caring and creative community, with a small-town yet wordly vibe, surrounded by relatively healthy wild spaces and wildlife corridors. For now, that is. I engage because I want to see Canmore hold on to these values.

Katharine Mills

I engage to express my disagreement over the proposed building project in Three Sisters and beyond to Dead Man’s Flats, doubling Canmore’s population, the inevitable strain on its resources, and the resultant reduced wildlife corridor. Instead, let us aim to preserve this gem of a mountain town, its cherished environment and the wildlife whose lives depend on this valuable space.

Robert and Priscilla Janes

We engage because of our love and respect for the more-than-human world. We must do everything we can to honour and protect the land, animals, water and air for generations to come.

Barbara & Simon Vieyra

Urging that the commitments made in Growth Management & Mining the Future are honoured (limiting growth, functional wildlife corridors, ecological integrity & respecting science)...caring deeply for our community & environment.

Galen Pearce

I engage because not only is the Bow Valley my home but as a community, we are worldwide role models for human-wildlife coexistence. I believe as a community we can accomplish the best of both worlds; sustainable development that conserves wildlife habitat while supporting residents and community values.

Kate Williams

Conservation is really important! As people living in this community, we need to respect the wildlife and live in a way that is sustainable.

Roderick de Leeuw

I chose to engage because I feel the silent majority like myself, have stayed on the sidelines for too long and let the brave few speak in hopes of saving our community. We are at a crossroads and with increased visitation, a self declared Climate Emergency, and our ever shrinking wilderness: we must decide now if doubling our current population is something we should fight against. I think it is and as such I wish to Engage.

Susan Webb

The community I love will be forever ruined if this development is approved. We must think long-term and make bold decisions to protect what is left of this valley, for our quality of life and for wildlife movement.

Robyn Mulligan

I engage because it is a privilege to live in this remarkable place we get to call home!

Ali and Lloyd

We engage because we have a responsibility, to ourselves and to future generations, to create balance and sustainable solutions for our ecosystems here in the Bow Valley.

Henri Ferguson and Michelle Fuller

We engage because Canmore is our forever home, in harmony with a precious ecosystem whose delicate balance depends on us and what we do and don’t do. There are many glaring examples of profit driven developments decimating the environment, we cannot let that happen here.

Thomas Grandi

I engage because I am grateful to live on the banks of the Bow. We have one chance to develop thoughtfully and balance ecology and economy.

Molly Matheson

I engage because I care deeply about this community and I believe in a future where we can live in harmony with the natural world.

Avni Soma

I engage because a tiny little virus paused the world and allowed us to ask big questions about how we live on this planet. The ethically right thing to do would be to leave the land undeveloped. Canmore has an opportunity to be a leader in reclaiming the lands.

Zac Mills

I engage because I am a steward to this land, this community, and this ecosystem.

Tracey Henderson

I love our town and I don’t buy into the narrative that we need to double our population. Let’s figure out the carrying capacity of this valley and THEN allow creative, innovative, and controlled growth.


I am engaged because I want to live in a community that chooses to live simply and respectfully, which means thinking long term and intelligently where we sustainably secure wildlife habitat, protect the mountain environment, and support permanent community members.

Dan Hudson

I engage because the continuous headlong development of the valley orchestrated by people who only perceive the earth as a commodity needs to be curbed. I prefer to see our community grow in a responsible and sustainable way that protects the habitats of all the various life forms we share this valley with.

Diana MacGibbon

I engage because the decisions we make in the coming months will profoundly and irrevocably affect both the two and four legged members of our community.

Sonnie Trotter and Lydia Zamorano

For both of us we didn't really feel at "home" until we were close to mountains. We were lucky enough to find each other and raise two children here in Canmore. We care about our footprint and the wildlife around Canmore. We care about keeping it reasonably affordable so it doesn't drive away all the young creatives. One of the main reasons we wanted our kids to grow up in Canmore is because it is a small town with wilderness surrounding it. We know things change, but hope it stays close to how we have been blessed to experience it.

Robin Pollard

I engage because the people, wildlife, local businesses, rivers and plants all make up our Bow Valley ecosystem. One that is wonderful for some, and life threatening for others. I believe we can create a better balance, one that can support people, wildlife and the land that sustains us all.

Naia Noyes-West

I don't think I would have survived growing up anywhere else, I was just that kind of kid, and I'm still that kind of person. It's hard to live here now, but I don't want to give up on this place.

Tenaya Lynx

I engage because I believe in a future where wildlife can live and move through this valley. It is crucial for us as a community to stand up for the wild places and beings that make this place so special.

Nancy Pollard

I engage because the wildlife need space for their habitat, movement and migration. We must start moving towards respecting, protecting and nurturing nature in order to live in harmony with it.

Katja Mogensen and Yves Caron

We engage because we strongly believe we need to save the Valley from over stressing the environment, to care for the wildlife by maintaining proper wildlife corridors from Y to Y. Let’s promote balance and respect to the Bow Valley’s water, air and residents.

Kairn Kunelius

Because there is strength and support in community. When we work together a shift can happen: Positive Harmonious solutions for the Good of All.

Nadia Bohonos

I engage because part of the reason the Bow Valley is so special, is that we share it with wildlife. Doubling the size of our community will only further increase challenges that these species face when navigating an already busy landscape.

Chris and Peter Thomas

We engage because we care about protecting our wildlife by providing them with sufficient wildlife corridors to survive. We feel Canmore is big enough already without further development which would severely impact wildlife movement.

Jeanette O’Callaghan

I engage because we must maintain this entire area as a wildlife corridor, it is crucial. The proposal would have an irreversible, negative effect on the entire Bow Valley community of people and all living things.

Jean Bristow

I engage because Canmore has been my home for almost two decades and I don't believe that "bigger is better" when it comes to maintaining this mountain town as a place where people and nature can live in harmony not just in the present, but for the long term future.

Cori Brewster

I engage because I owe it to future generations to do my part.

Susan Massitti

As it matters that our children can enjoy our environment and that we change.

Genevieve Soler

I engage because I belong. It is our responsibility.

Tim Johnson

I engage because i think this is an opportunity for Canmore to show that it is a community that places more value on its environmental assets that benefit both people and wildlife, rather than a continued-growth mindset towards a doubling of our population that will increase the stresses that the Bow Valley is already experiencing.

Kelly Learned

I engage so administration and Council hear support for the tough decisions needed to ensure a sustainable, resilient, future-focused community. We have claimed a climate emergency and our decisions need to address that reality.

Bexx Ferri

I engage because I value a community that cares about the future of its wildlife & wild spaces. I hope we can come together and discuss the importance of sustainable living, no matter what our different perspectives are. It's important to have ALL our voices heard.

Bart Robinson

I’ve been lucky enough to call Canmore home for 52 years, and I hope to continue to call it home for whatever years I have left. I engage because I understand how unique our valley is and the quality of life it offers . . . and how, on the flip side, just a few thoughtless or irresponsible decisions might destroy much of what we have. Stewarding our environment and wildlife, defending our community values, and safeguarding our quality of life all require vigilance and effort. Sometimes, even, we need to take a breath, stand up tall, and fight hard for them.

Jane Pearson

I am a 40 year Canmore resident and I engage because I want to protect and preserve our community as well as our environment and wildlife for generations to come.

Leanne Allison

I engage because I'm really worried that we're going down the road of 'business as usual' with future developments in Canmore. We owe it to future generations to be better than that, because we know better.

Mark Hebblewhite

I engage because as a scientist I know the Bow Valley is one of the most critical wildlife corridors, and the most threatened, in the entire Yellowstone to Yukon region.

Gian-Duri Giger

I engage because we should value nature much more for its intrinsic values which can not be measured in monetary terms per square footage of land.

Bev MacKenzie

I engage because I believe the professional advice of Chief Engineer Gerry Stephenson regarding the unstable undermining in the proposed area versus the opinions of developers and politicians.

Cedar Mueller

I engage because I want a development plan that is sustainable for our wildlife, our quality of life, and our community.

Sara Renner

I engage because it is a privilege to call the Bow Valley home. Being here comes with a responsibility to care about our backyard.

Brian Hayes

I engage because Canmore is a very unique place that needs to be responsibly developed and nurtured by all.

Amanda Sarka

This is my home and I want to help to guide Canmore’s future in a direction that respects the people and the environment around us.


I’m concerned that real estate developers are only in the Bow Valley for a quick profit, and local taxpayers are left holding the bag when issues arise (like undermining) with their developments.

Jane Whitney

I engage because as Aldo Leopold said, “There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot”. For me, wildlife fills my life with joy. Canmore is one of the last towns on Earth that co-exists with…

Karsten Heuer

I engage because it requires effort to truly create a community that coexists with nature.

Susanne Swibold

I came to the Bow Valley 45 years ago. The miners taught me about family and place – a place of familiar people, landscapes and a sense of caring for one another. A place where the trees and forests, animals and birds share a rich diversity of nature. Canmore has already exceeded our maximum growth and stands on the verge of losing our conscious awareness of our mountain home and our place in it.

Erdem Erdinc And Kimberly Carcary

We believe in appropriate development that addresses environmental considerations and seeks to look after the population that currently resides in Canmore, providing employment and services to others in the community

Beckie Scott

I engage because I believe that as citizens of Canmore, we have an opportunity to lead the way in ensuring balance and stewardship of the natural world is a priority for generations to come.


I engage because I live here!

Kay Anderson

I engage because I feel strongly that we must preserve and protect our environment with viable wildlife corridors and habitat. And, as part of my Canadian citizenship, it is my job to protect Canada’s natural environment for future generations.

Hal Retzer

I engage because I'm convinced that that the people of Canmore do not want the population of Canmore to double. Doubling our population with the added homes (many of which will be vacant much of the time) is not sustainable for the wildlife nor is it sustainable for the community values that make Canmore so special.


I engage because the survival of wildlife and the community feel in Canmore are more important than development and profit. Irreversible change must never be taken lightly.

Judy Archer

I am engaged because this is my home. I love this place. The human community AND the ecological community are two sides of the same coin. We all need functioning wildlife corridors to thrive. We need to actively create the future we want. My focus is local but the choices we make here in the Bow Valley.

Sheila Churchill

I engage because I care about the community that I call home. The heart and soul of Canmore is its residents who chose to honour and respect not just each other, but our mountain environment. I am adding my voice for responsible development that balances the values of community, sustainability and respect for our environment.

Aurelie Belanger

I engage because I believe in a future where we protect the environment rather than pursue business plans, as spending time outdoors is the reason why we all live here. I wish to raise my children in a community that has chosen plants, birds & wildlife, which brings meaning to my life, over endless consumerism.

Christine Iversen

I engage because we cannot leave our future in the hands of developers. I believe in a Canmore that leads, challenges the integrity of any proposal that does not embrace our core values, is an example of sustainable living, addresses climate change, and protects wildlife.

Heidi Widmer

I engage because our community is only as strong as the natural world.

Aerin Jacob

I engage because I want a future where communities and nature thrive together.


I engage because Canmore could be a way stronger community if there were less empty houses and more real people actually living here.


I engage because I worry about the impact larger developments can have on the natural surroundings, community spirit, and affordability – livability. I also believe civic participation is an important part of community.

Navarana Smith

I engage because stewardship is an act of hope! Intact, functional wildlife corridors are the lifeblood of our community's future.

Duane Kohut & Carol Poland

We engage because we care passionately about our community; which includes its natural mountain environment and wildlife. We believe people live and visit here for its natural wealth; not it’s material wealth. We believe stewardship, not unsustainable development, is the responsible action needed to protect the amazing quality of life we enjoy, now and especially for the future.

Linda and Blair Dunbar

We engage because we are concerned that this development has the potential to damage the very integrity of our community. Several years ago we participated in the Town of Canmore initiative, "Mining the Future", in which many residents expressed their concerns of over development, the environment and hope that our community could resist the monetary temptation such as that which is now proposed by TSMV.


I engage because I care about community!


I engage because I want the Bow Valley to remain a place that models better ways forward. We can build a better home for our most vulnerable populations–whether they are 2-legged, 4-legged, winged, or scaled is irrelevant.

Kristen Johnson

I engage because I want to see Canmore become a shining example of sustainable development.

Heather Breen

I engage for my family. I would like my children to grow up in a community that welcomes different perspectives, healthy debate, and recognizes the importance of sustainable living.

Vanessa Siltanen

I engage because sharing information raises awareness about the impact our choices have on our environment

Bow Valley Engage is a volunteer effort that received modest seed funding from Bow Valley NaturalistsYellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative and anonymous donors, and now is 100% funded by community donors like you!