More Concerns about TSMV Proposals

by | Jan 25, 2021 | TSMV

Just a short note to let you know additional content has been added to our website to help inform you about the risks and impacts the Three Sisters Mountain Village’s latest development proposal will have on our special community. If accepted by Town Council, these proposals will double the size of our town, put taxpayers at risk of having to foot the bill for potential issues from building on undermined lands, and will further stress a continentally significant wildlife corridor.

We’ve detailed some of these disastrous consequences in two new “Learn More” buttons for Quality of Life and Undermining Safety & Liability.

Among the new content is a look at how TSMV’s proposals conflict with several municipal plans, zonings and bylaws that preserve the special character of our community. We know: looking at these sorts of plans and bylaws are the kind of stuff that puts you to sleep but in this case your pulse and blood pressure might actually spike! Have a look at the short, 4-row summary table here. 

As always, we encourage you to write a letter to Council through our Take Action portal (we updated some of the suggested content but ask that you add and edit to it to make it your own). 

We also ask that you mark down the evening of Feb 23, 7-9PM on your calendar. We are planning a virtual open house of expert speakers to help you prepare for the upcoming public hearing (tentatively scheduled for March 9 via Zoom).  More details coming soon.

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Have a great day!