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Our History

2017: Bow Valley Engage (BVE) was created to help citizens understand and respond to the latest TSMV Area Structure Plans, which were defeated.

2020: BVE relaunched after TSMV submitted further development proposals for the largest block of remaining private land in Canmore (Smith Creek and Village Centre Area Structure Plans). Among other issues. they proposed to double the size of Canmore, expand our Urban Growth Boundary, develop areas zoned as wildlife conservation, and reroute a well-used wildlife corridor and highway underpass to accommodate more houses. This led to Canmore’s longest public hearing ever (6 days) and over 2,000 written and oral submissions, the vast majority (>90%) of which were opposed.  The proposals were subsequently rejected by Council leading to TSMV suing the Town and other ongoing legal proceedings.

2021: BVE helped inform and engage citizens in the municipal election.

2022: BVE pushed for a higher proportion of affordable housing units in a proposal from the local school board to develop some of its downtown lands. The development (total of 120 units) is centrally located, making it ideal for much-needed affordable housing rather than weekender properties.

2022: BVE rebranded the area to the south of Canmore (including the undeveloped TSMV lands) as “Grizz Corridor” to better capture its importance as the last best route for bears and other wildlife to get around the town so they can link important habitats in Kananaskis Country with those in Banff National Park.  

2022: BVE incorporated as a not-for-profit society.