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2021 Election

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Have you started thinking about the upcoming Municipal Election? What critical issues will our community face in the next 4 years and where do candidates stand? Bow Valley Engage will help you navigate the election campaign so you can make an informed vote on October 18. Here’s what we’re planning:


Week of Sept 27: See where candidates stand on key issues with our “Candidates Comparison Tool.”  This online chart will display all the candidates’ responses to 10 Yes/No questions we’ll pose to them on behalf of all of you. How will you have your say? Make sure you’re on our mailing list to receive the survey asking you which questions we should pose. Some of them will also be posed on…..

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Wednesday October 6 from 7-9PM on Zoom: All-candidates Election Forum co-hosted by BVE, the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, and Bow Valley Climate Action Society.  This will be your chance to see if candidates shine or squirm under interrogation and if they seek or shun solutions. Do they have what it takes to lead our community through the challenges of the next 4 years? Attend and find out for yourself.