A Christmas Letter to Canmore

by | Dec 19, 2021 | TSMV

Dear Canmore,

Christmas is almost here and before you know it, I will be flying into the Bow Valley with my sleigh packed full of toys for all the good boys and girls.

I know that it’s been a difficult year and you faced a lot of challenges. A global pandemic, forest fires, rising costs of living, lack of affordable housing, and proposed developments that threatened to change the character of your town forever.

But despite all of these challenges, you’ve stuck together. As I watched from the North Pole, I saw your unprecedented level of public engagement, including the longest Public Hearing recorded in Canmore’s history, the largest newspaper ad in Canmore’s history, and the biggest public art installation ever in Canmore.

The reindeer and I cheered you on as you epitomized the Christmas spirit to create positive change for your community. The reindeer were especially thankful that you looked out for their cousins and distant cousins in the animal kingdom — they need space to celebrate Christmas too.

We saw your Town Council listen to you and respect the wishes of their community. We applauded them for their decision and put some extra candy canes in their stockings.

I know you asked for responsible development in the Bow Valley this year, and while some progress has been made, I can’t give it all to you just yet. It’s a task that’s going to require more work, more engagement, and more Christmas spirit for everyone. We know you can do it.

But I can give you this — it’s not something you see or touch, but rather something you feel. It’s the feeling of knowing that your community loves you and will continue to stand up for your best interests and concerns. They know that you are one of a kind.

Happy holidays from all of us!

Santa & the entire team from North Pole Engage