Art Intervention Saturday

by | May 20, 2021 | TSMV

In just 5 days Council will make its final decision on TSMV’s Village Centre ASP.

The biggest outstanding concern is that the footprint of the development still includes the unfinished golf course. Everyone (including TSMV) previously agreed that this heavily undermined area should be kept free of development due to the safety and long term financial risks to the community, and its critical importance as an open-space buffer to an otherwise too-narrow wildlife corridor.

To demonstrate our concern, we NEED YOUR HELP to pull off a Covid-friendly, legal, guerrilla sidewalk art project this weekend. We are calling it Footprint of Concern. This is how it will work:

When: Come to the Civic Centre anytime between 8AM and 8PM this Saturday (May 22);

Where:  Civic Centre Plaza (902 7th Ave, half a block north of Main Street behind the Canmore Hotel);

What: Come register your footprints of concern on the sidewalk as part of an impressive (but temporary) work of public art (it will wash away with the first rain). Stencils, brushes and home-made, environmentally friendly corn-starch paint will be provided at an outdoor table behind the Canmore hotel. BVE volunteers will be there to give instructions. You will have choices for how to register your footprints: (1) use the stencils of human, wolf, bear or elk prints, or (2) you can take off your shoes and socks, dip your feet in a pan of paint, and register your actual foot prints!

Who: You and your family Covid cohort. If you have kids, bring them. They’ll love it! Some well-known local artists will also be involved.

How:  In order to obey AHS health guidelines, come alone or with your Covid-friendly family group. Use a mask and maintain a safe physical distance of 2m or more from others. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the art supply table behind the Canmore Hotel.

Unable or uncomfortable about coming? No problem! If you still want your footprints registered, just shoot us a quick email at this address with your preferred species of footprints in the subject line (human, grizzly, wolf, or elk) and one of our volunteers will paint them on your behalf.

Let’s make this a public art installation Council can’t ignore. Hundreds of footprints? Thousands? Canmore’s biggest ever public art piece??

See you Saturday!