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by | May 6, 2021 | TSMV

Have you ever seen a 4-page newspaper ad? Us neither…until now.

We needed 4 full pages in this week’s Rocky Mountain Outlook to fit the more than 1,500 names who signed our community letter to Council. Thank you so much! You continue to amaze us with this unprecedented level of engagement in our town!

While we are very appreciative that Town Council rejected the Smith Creek ASP, hopefully this ad will visibly demonstrate that their proposed amendments to the Village Centre ASP don’t go nearly far enough to address the serious concerns raised during the public hearing. Undermining, the wildlife corridor, and meaningful consultations with the Stoney Nakoda Nation are not details to be worked out later. They require significant action right now.

What will Council do? Will they listen to their community and make the right decision before it’s too late? We’ll be holding our breath until the 3rd and final Reading this coming Tuesday…

Have a great day!

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