Top Questions For Council To Ask TSMV

by | Mar 22, 2021 | TSMV

Thanks to everyone who voted for which questions Town Council should ask TSMV tomorrow at what will be the final day of a marathon, two-week-long public hearing.

We sent the questions to Council this afternoon to help them prepare for this important meeting. We will also use some for another full-page newspaper ad in the Outlook later this week.

As usual, we were impressed by how many of you forwarded additional, well thought-out questions. We added a few to the list, but if yours didn’t make it, you can still send them in as a written submission before the hearing ends tomorrow using our letter writing tool.

Already made a submission? No problem — you can send in another if you have more to say.

Stay tuned for more ways to engage as the process moves towards 2nd Reading over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow’s an important day!