The Need to Engage Lives On

by | Mar 18, 2021 | TSMV

The 6-Day Public Hearing is Over, but the Need to Engage Lives On!

Town Council heard 261 oral presentations during the record-breaking 6-day public hearing, of which
94% expressed opposition to TSMV’s plans to double the size of Canmore.

You may think our work is done but despite all the evidence presented against these plans, Town Council remains under great pressure to approve them. That’s why we’re planning some fun and easy ways for you and your friends to continue to engage as the process moves towards 2nd Reading over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for instructions.

In the meantime, keep the engagement fire burning with more incredible presentations we’ve curated from the public hearing below (except the last one). Simply click on the screen shot to watch.

The collective voice for a just, affordable, sustainable and wildlife-friendly future for our community is nothing short of inspiring.

Lack of Indigenous Consultation: John Snow of the Stoney Nakoda Nation – “We have not been consulted and we are not in relationship with those who change and desecrate our ancestral lands.”

Affordable Housing and Community Diversification: Adam Linnard – “A housing market that requires intergenerational wealth is a racist housing market.”

Values Based Development: Jill Branson-”This hearing offers a great opportunity for a reset of Municipal and Corporate strategies that will fight climate change in earnest.”

Canmore’s Place in Global Wildlife Conservation: Dr. Harvey Locke- “The Bow Valley is a crisis ecoregion due to habitat fragmentation from roads and urban areas.”

Food Security: Avni Soma – ”Any future developments must contribute to food system resiliency and community self sufficiency.”

Development Costs for the Community: Frank Liszczak- Past planner at the Town of Canmore. “Impatient money must gravitate to quick turn over of residential lots while shifting long-term risk and operational costs to downstream builders and the community as a whole.”

Appropriate, Town-led Engagement? Leah Lechelt- “This is an opportunity for the community to ask if the level of engagement done so far reflects the current standards of the MDP and is appropriate for the size, scope and scale of this development.”

Youth Perspective: Finian Bagshaw- 12 years old – “We should be doing everything we possibly can to reverse the climate crisis, not make it worse.”

Owner of TSMV: David Taylor – Is given the final word…

Keep a lookout for some fun and easy ways for you and your friends to continue to engage in the coming days…

Have a great day!

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