96 Percent Opposition —Day 3 Update On The TSMV ASP Public Hearing

by | Mar 12, 2021 | TSMV

We continue to be blown away by the depth and breadth of presenters who are coming before Council to show their opposition to the TSMV proposed development. It is truly inspiring!  Thank you!

First by the numbers:

146 presenters so far..

5     Support

1      Neutral


A Whopping 96% OPPOSITION!

We thought we’d highlight just a few of the amazing presentations from the past day and a half. Presentations that speak to vision, reason, and passion.

Vision: Rueben Nelson — Futurist and Community Leader

Reason: Garret Brown — 25 year Hydrogeologist and Canmore citizen

Passion: Robin Pollard grew up in Canmore and is currently studying Environmental Science at the University of Victoria.

Robin also wrote this excellent piece for CBC — For the love of Canmore: A proposed development threatens to upset the balance

Community Needs and Values: Julie Lamoureux — Canmore Wildlife Artist

There is a break in the Public Hearing today and Day 4 of the Public Hearing starts up again on Monday. Bookings are continuing into Wednesday, so far. At least 6 days of hearings!

This begs the question: is the Town’s approach (leave engagement up to the developer, don’t host any information sessions or open houses, only give residents a public hearing to voice their concerns) appropriate for a development that will double the size of our town but leave us with half the community?

You can watch the proceedings here.

It is not too late to join your fellow residents and register to speak, or to send in a written submission.

Have a great day!