TSMV Public Hearing Day 1 was a whopper!

by | Mar 10, 2021 | TSMV

Who knew 10 hours of live stream public hearing video (with the chat bar) could be so engaging??

Over 300 people were viewing the livestream at various times today. There were only a handful of presenters in favour of the TSMV ASPs. In fact, the first person who spoke in favour apologized for his obvious minority pro-stance before he started (so Canadian).

Intelligent, thoughtful presentations from so many concerned Canmore citizens

Who are all these amazing, intelligent, engaged, informed, people coming out of the woodwork? We saw excellent analysis, possible solutions and frankly hilarious metaphors and references to history and pop culture in many presentations today.  It made us feel so proud to be part of this community!

The Chat Bar

Early on in the day there were a few ‘in favour’ folks defending TSMV in chat, but soon they were avalanched by those opposed and wisely signed off for the day…  The community building going on in the chat was so great that someone commented that we should really be thanking TSMV for bringing us all together!

The Stoney First Nation throw down the hammer

Then, at the final hour there were four excellent presentations from the Stoney First Nation — a prayer by Jackson Wesley, commentary by artist Roland Rollinmud and then John and Bill Snow really laid it down on how there has been NO effort to include the Stoney perspective on the development of the Three Sisters Lands. Lands the Stoneys have used for centuries to gather traditional medicine, food and for spiritual practices.  Their presentation left us all on reflective powerful note. This is a major oversight on the part of TSMV and the Town of Canmore in these proceedings. Like so many aspects of this proposal that leave us all scratching our head wondering, what were they were thinking?

Here’s a link to today’s recording if you want to catch up for yourself.


See you tomorrow if you can make it and don’t forget you can sign up ANYTIME to speak until the meeting is adjourned.

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