The Largest Meeting Ever in the Bow Valley?

by | Feb 24, 2021 | TSMV

We knew there would be widespread concern about the Three Sisters proposals to double the size of our town and attendance at last night’s BVE-hosted information session proves it: over 800 people tuned in to hear our expert panel describe the impacts these massive developments will have on our wildlife, our ability to fulfill our climate obligations, and how our individual property taxes and our Town’s liability for collapses due to undermining and unproven wildlife fences are all likely to go up, while our quality of life goes down.  

Sound crazy? We think so too. That’s why it’s time to put your concerns into action. Here’s how:  

1) Sign up now to speak at the Town of Canmore’s virtual public hearing, scheduled for  March 9. Don’t worry about making a fancy presentation; just say whether you are in support of or are against the proposals and why. Spend a bit of time perusing the  TSMV page of our website and download our primer, Nine Reasons to Reject the Three Sisters Mountain Village and Smith Creek Area Structure Plans for ideas. Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of issues!. And if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable about public speaking check out Olympian Sara Renner’s short video primer on presenting here.

2) Make a written submission to Council as per instructions on the Town of Canmore’s website.  Or, use the BVE letter writing tool but be sure to add your own words — doing so is much more powerful than just another form letter.  

3) Get your friends and others to do the same via social media, phone calls, letter-writing nights — whatever works. But with the Public Hearing just around the corner on March 9, the time to flood Town Council with a tide of concern is now. 

This is your valley, your home. Take a moment to remember what you love about this place and channel it into action. If you don’t,  it could be lost. 

Now get to it!

PS We will have the recording from last night’s BVE-hosted information session up on the website very soon.